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Stay Here Play Everywhere

by Vdubz


Here are a couple of landing pages I built at Paramore for Visit Central Florida.  Built them in Craft2, scss, gulp. One of the things I learned about while working on it was negative margin to get the 4up content block to overlap the hero on desktop.  Here's one of them: 

and here's the other:


by vdubz


LOGJAM is a MEAN stack app that upon login allows users to write and store lyrics in a mongo database on mlabs. User sessions are stored on redis and hosted on heroku. Users can update and delete songs from the database, and can record audio files, which are compressed to mp3 and stored locally. Designed with a minimalist / brutalist aesthetic in mind. 

Deployed Link:

Here's the code on GitHub

Cow Scraper

by vdubz


This is a command line app that takes two arguments, a city and a state, and then scrapes the website and returns the names and addresses of the vegan restaurants in the city that the user entered. Written in node.js.  Here's the code on GitHub